Le Mans, June 18th 1995. One of the wettest races in history, a McLaren F1 GTR crossed the line after 4,055km to win. It was McLaren’s first win, at its first attempt. Such was the marque’s dominance that its cars filled four of the first five places.  Automotive Engineer Ben Scott-Geddes worked with Gordon Murray to build the McLaren F1 and the Le Mans record-breaking GTRs.

Endurance, distance, and reliability, combined with whole-car design, drove Ben to succeed.

In 2006 Ben conceived and built the fastest road car of its time.  Top Gear put the T1 through its paces with astonishing results. Smashing the previous record held by the Koenigsegg CCX, the Caparo T1’s lap time was a full seven seconds quicker at 1 min 10.6 seconds.

We are…
We are

Pole to Pole

The Journey

In 2019, after 6 years of introducing new technology at Maranello for Ferrari S.p.A., it was time for a new idea.  Ben drew an expedition vehicle: 2 metres wide, 5 metres long with extreme travel gas suspension giving up to 700mm ground clearance with 44-inch truck tyres.

As he mapped out an overland circumnavigation of the globe, covering over 56,000km from Pole to Pole, one leg was particularly challenging – from Canada to Russia over treacherous sea ice and unsupported, a distance of more than 4,000km.

With this challenge in mind, Ben set to work designing a vehicle that was truly problem solving, a vehicle that would enable the future end user to operate across the most remote and hostile terrains on the planet, independently of expensive and complex resupplies. 

An Expert Team

Founder Ben Scott-Geddes has devoted his career to whole-vehicle design, predominantly in motorsports and supercar design. But in a bid to meet this challenge, a small team was assembled with backgrounds in materials technology, car design, human physiology and global exploration – to reimagine a truly sustainable and innovative off-grid vehicle. 

Ben and his team bring the technology of the worlds most renowned super cars and present you with the Fering Pioneer, a ultra-long range light utility EV vehicle that is self-sufficient in the globe’s harshest environments. 

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