Modular Construction

Our vehicle construction uses a body on frame approach, tried and tested throughout 4×4 history and providing the greatest number of configurable body options on a standard platform. The vehicle frame is made from a hybrid of aluminium and composite materials.

A combination of welded, bonded and bolted joints are used to maximise frame strength and stiffness whilst also optimising logistics for our manufacturing partners and in-country vehicle fleet operators.


The Fering Pioneer has been designed with a relentless focus on light weight. Reducing vehicle mass is the most impactful way to minimise energy consumption, maximise acceleration and improve range. It also improves payload and off-road performance by lowering the centre of gravity and reducing ground pressure.

Battery System Design

A mission-focussed vehicle requires a tailored approach to power storage and energy management. The Fering Pioneer features a modular high voltage battery that is dismountable –  for power distribution in a campsite or research station. By encasing each modular battery pack in a robust ruggedized case, we will ensure maximum possible robustness and utility 

Most EV manufacturers choose battery chemistry based purely on power density and settle on Li-ion chemistry. For the Fering Pioneer we have other parameters to consider such as very low temperature (-50C) operation, impact resistance and resistance to penetration.

For that reason a battery chemistry has been selected for durability, safety and rugged operation. Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) batteries provide exceptional performance over long life, do not degrade with repeated power cycling in the way other batteries do and are inherently more stable – the perfect offering for the ultimate off-grid vehicle.

Motor Choice

By taking a strategic decision to drive the wheels through two axle-mounted motors and all-mechanical transmission, we have created the lightest possible drivetrain configuration. 2WD or 4WD is available with gearing provided through a combination of portal hubs and mechanical differentials.

Motors and brake discs are mounted inboard, enhancing operation in deep snow and mud. Our best-in-class e-motors were selected carefully to maintain exceptionally light weight, whilst providing exceptional power and torque characteristics. 

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