We are Fering

Fering Technologies was born out of a mission to develop a vehicle that could traverse the globe with a lighter impact. A requirement to create an expedition vehicle for the polar regions, that could also cruise efficiently across open desert. Introducing The Fering Pioneer – the greenest off-grid vehicle on the planet.

7000 km

Self-sufficient range

600 Nm

Electric Four-Wheel Drive

1500 kg

Payload Capacity

80 km

Silent Running

70 kW

Multifuel Generator

Fering Pioneer

The vehicle has been designed, developed and tested from the ground up with every aspect of the car delivering utilitarian use. This is your next ‘go anywhere, anytime’ vehicle which allows you to explore the deserts of Africa one week and the snow drifts of the Arctic circle the next.

The modularity of the Fering Pioneer allows for mission specific configuration and for personal luxuries to be added or removed with ease.

Pioneering Approach

Fering Technologies differentiates by focussing on vehicle-level effect, and optimising everything for our users. The most extreme terrain demands the most innovative and uncompromising solutions – driving our engineering in turn.

It is in our nature to explore.. to reach out into the unknown.

Ernest Shackleton

Fering Pioneer

Four wheel all electric drive with onboard multifuel generator

Length (mm):5526
Width (mm):2000
Height (mm):
Ground Clearance (mm):800 max
Kerb Mass (kg):1500
Payload (kg):1500
Total Range (km):7000
EV Range (km):80
Top Speed (km/h):125
Max Torque (Nm):600
Gradient Climb (%):60
Step Climb (mm):500

A New Class of Excellence

Fering PioneerComparable
ICE Vehicle
EV Vehicle
Kerb Mass (kg)150022652670
Payload (kg)15001200800
Wading depth (mm)14006981000
Range (km)7000600482

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